Diagnose the disease, detect its root cause,
discern its cure and then act appropriately. (thirukkural - 948 300 BCE)

Diagnose the disease, detect its root cause,
discern its cure and then act appropriately. (thirukkural - 948 300 BCE)



Samy was very helpful and gave useful practical advice/guidance. He helped me with my vertigo which he said was vestibular migraine. After emailing him he got back in touch with me within 48 hours and using facetime gave me advice. He has a lot of knowledge on vertigo and ways to help get over it. I know if ever the dizziness occurs again I know what I have to do to stop it. I would recommend Samy to anyone.

Dec 2020
I was suffering badly from daily bouts of dizziness and nausea which were having a detrimental effect on my quality of life. I had frequent appointments with GPs , various hospital consultants, an MRI scan, an echo cardiograph, but with no success. Both hospital consultants signed me off saying they could do nothing for me.
At this stage I contacted Sami who arranged appointments by Zoom. He diagnosed vestibular migraine. Nobody had mentioned this before! Again by Zoom he started me on a programme of exercises and a diet. After about 4 months my symptoms have nearly disappeared and i am now working on improving balance, again with exercises recommended by Sami.
I was initially sceptical about using Zoom rather than face to face contact but in reality it worked very well.
Thanks for all your advice. Best wishes
Jane F, Shropshire

Nov 2020
My Story
I was diagnosed with BPPV over 20 years ago.I had vertigo on and off for the first 10 years. Had lots of appointments with consultants which I would wait for for months. It was quite a scary and miserable time. At that time I did not know anyone with vertigo.I was given medication and had about 3 manoeuvres nothing seemed to help. Most of the advice I was given as I remember was to be careful of putting my head in positions that would bring it on.
The following 10 years were a lot easier with only a few mild attacks that did not last long. In August I had the worst attack I have ever had. Next day I phoned the doctor to see what was new in the treatment sadly he said things were just the same and offered me an Epley manoeuvre which I refused so he suggested the Brandt-Daroff exercises. It took me about 2 weeks to get the courage to do them.In two seconds it brought on an attack as violent as the first. Spoke to a different doctor she suggested I see a consultant but it would take months.
I searched the internet and luckily found Samy.My first impression of his website was that it was too good to be true. I was very wrong.I got a prompt response and an online (FaceTime) appointment the next day. I had 3 sessions with Samy which he included my husband which was a great help as I was very anxious. He explained very clearly what was happening and diagnosed me very quickly. After my 3rd session, I was feeling a lot better and Samy has given me the confidence to live life to the full without the fear that I could bring an attack on. His treatment, kindness and knowledge was the first class I would definitely recommend him.
Lilian Barnes Darlington Aug 202

Sep 2020
I was reffered to Samy for help with my severe Vertigo, as we are in a pandemic with Covid-19 Samy arranged to consult me via zoom. I was a little sceptical at first but was willing to give it a go and i,m glad i did. Samy was very polite, professional and caring, he fully discussed and explained my condition and put me at ease. Having virtual appointments may not appeal to all but its better than suffering in silence. I am able now to return to work and carry on with my life. Thanks Samy.
J Burrell (West Midlands, UK)

Aug 2020
I have had a remarkable experience with the DIZZY CARE clinic and especially with consultant SAMY. I had supposed vertigo according to my doctor which was awful. I found the clinic online and emailed Samy in the morning and had a reply by lunchtime. he arranged an appointment the next day to be done by WHATSAPP. His diagnosis took 40 minutes using questions and then looking into my eyes using the phone. He then started the treatment using my phone watching me all the time doing the exercise prescribed. and within one day it was cleared up. However 4 days later I had a completely different attack on a Saturday morning, emailed Samy immediately, he replied at lunchtime and again arranged an appointment on that Saturday evening using my WHATSAPP on my phone. a different set of exercises and using my phone to watch my eyes throughout. I have no further attacks of either problem now for 10 days. JUST BRILLIANT BL
MR. BL (West Midlands)

Aug 2020
This is an update on my July 2019 feedback In June 2019 I had been suffering from Vertigo for the previous ten years. I saw several doctors and I was given medication which did not help. One doctor diagnosed me with BPPV. I found Samy on the internet, visited his Clinic and he diagnosed me more fully with a rare Anterior Canal BPPV, Bilateral Vestibular Hypofunction and Convergence Spasm of the Eye. Since receiving treatment from Samy one year ago I have had no recurring problems with Vertigo/Dizziness. In his letter to my GP, he included a request for an MRI brain Scan. I waited four months to see a consultant and six weeks later I had the scan, the result of which was normal. I am very grateful to have found Samy from whom I received professional treatment which has changed my life enabling me to do the things I was not able to do - particularly dancing. My life has returned to normal since I saw him and I cannot fully express my gratitude to Samy who helps people who are suffering with this awful, stressful, and frightening condition, which the doctors dont seem to understand or know how to treat. I hope he gets his Clinic up and running again soon, because there are people out there who need his help. Thank you again Samy and God bless you.
MG from Leeds RN/Midwife

Jun 2020
Earlier this year I suffered a severe bout of dizziness and contacted Samy for help. After only three sessions I was so much better and came away with some very useful exercises to keep the dizziness at bay. I would strongly recommend Samy. Dizziness can be very frightening and can cause enormous loss of confidence. Samy’s manner is kind and reassuring. He takes time to listen and to explain the cause of symptoms. Treatment is adapted to individual needs and is carried out skilfully and with care. I completed my sessions with Samy with confidence restored, knowing I could manage my dizziness. Many thanks Samy.
Diane C

Jun 2020
Dear Samy, Thank you for the copy of the GP letter. I would also like to add that I cannot stress how grateful I am for your home visit to see mom; in the light of which I have implemented your recommended changes and advice, which have helped make mom more stable and comfortable than she was before you saw her. I have also stopped the medication Cinnarizine, which in itself made a drastic difference. She is also sitting upright and in a chair and her vertigo has now all but dissipated. She is still somewhat slow to speak and remember, but the overall difference is quite remarkable and I am now a lot less anxious. She has been seen by an experienced Stroke/TIA neurologist and she is awaiting an MRI. I thank you for your kind efforts. Kindest regards
Ms. K G Halesowen, Birmingham

Mar 2020
After being left thoroughly disappointed with my GP (prescribed tablets to help with the symptoms with possible side effects of exacerbated them!) Samy managed to squeeze me in as I was flying a few days later, my BPPV was sorted in just one session. Can not thank or recommend him highly enough, thanks again Samy.

Mar 2020
Hi, Just to let you know that I have not had any more dizziness since I saw you on Saturday. I dont feel quite my normal self but hope that this will wear off soon. Thank you for your help and it is good to know that I can see you very quickly when I need to. Best wishes
J W, Ludlow

Feb 2020