Diagnose the disease, detect its root cause,
discern its cure and then act appropriately. (thirukkural - 948 300 BCE)

Diagnose the disease, detect its root cause,
discern its cure and then act appropriately. (thirukkural - 948 300 BCE)



I have suffered with Vestibular migrane and PPPD for 17 months and for the first 3 months I was so ill because of the dizziness and many other symptoms that come with it that I couldnt work and could barely function. After being incorrectly diagnosed I went to a private neurologist to get a proper diagnosis. After following a migraine diet, taking medication, changing how much sleep I get, water intake and many other lifestyle changes I was back at work part time but still not able to live a normal life .
After a while I decided to seek further help so I could take part in daily life more and have periods of time that I wasnt dizzy. My GP wasnt keen to help and my referral to the neurologist through the NHS got declined.
After searching online I came across Samy ànd made an enquiry. Samy immediately got in touch and has been having regular online appointments with me for quite a few months. Samy confirmed my diagnoses and gave me more life style changes and lots of vestibular exercises to do. Each week he would review my progress and then change and add exercises as appropriate.
Since working with Samy I have made many improvements and am able to function much more normally. When I do get a migarane attack they are less severe and dont last as long. I am able to manage them much better now with the help of Samy.
This time last year I thought I would have to miss out on so much because of my illness and although there are some things I will always avoid like rollercoaters, concerts and boats I am able to do lots more with my children that I worried I wouldnt be able to do again.
Thanks for all you help Samy its much appreciated

Sian. Cheshire, UK

Feb 2021
Hi Samy
Thank you so much for all your most excellent work with my wife Jackie. She is a different person now back to her good self again with your help.
It’s wonderful technology (Remote video consultation via WhatsApp) that you used did not think it would be possible but it was with a little help from our daughter Tracy and granddaughter Tayla. Again thank you so much for performing your miracle work.
All the very best to you and yours
Mr. Meredith West Midlands

Feb 2021
This is Divya from India, mother for 4 year old. I was suffering from severe dizziness. I had to run through number of tests from MRI for brain and neck, eye test and blood tests and consulted many specialists including a neurologist without much improvement from my symptoms. I was exhausted and vexed. I didnt know how to live with this. I had sever anxiety because of these issues and I had given up.
I was referred to Samy by a physiotherapist from Bangalore. I arranged for a virtual appointment via WhatsApp but i was very doubtful if this will work. Samy diagnosed me with a vestibular migraine and PPPD and he gave me 3 months time to see the proper results.
The treatments were combination of vestibular and balance exercises and lifestyle modifications. I strictly followed the treatment plan and I could feel better in step by step consultation then I started believing I ll be alright soon.
Today I am writing this post not to just thank Samy but also to all those who look into my feedback, there is help out there.
I am perfect now.
Thank you Samy.
God bless you.
Divya (Coimbatore, India)

Feb 2021
Dear Samy
Many thanks for assessing my sudden onset of vertigo and doing a remote consultation via video.
Your timely assessment and exercises helped settle my vertigo quickly and enable me to get on with my daily activities and day job.
Having vertigo is unpleasant, as I found out, and having you available via phone for advice was reassuring and encouraged me to pursue with the correct exercises to hasten recovery.
Really grateful
Dr. Patel in West Midlands

Jan 2021
Dear Samy,
I am so grateful to have found someone who reassured me that it was possible to be healed, during a Pandemic.
I had been diagnosed with BPPV before, three weeks ago I had another vertigo attack, I made a phone call and you managed to see me on that day, remotely!
After 2 other sessions, with 2 Maneuvers, the BPPV subsided and I was told that it is possible now to return to my normal life.
I had had BPPV before, and the Maneuvers were done in person, by the Doctor. I didnt know it was even possible to do these online! However, with your patience, guidance and expertise, I am now returning to my normal life - vertigo free...
I am very grateful, and I feel comforted with the reassurance that I can have your support, at any time in the future, even during challenging circumstances, like a Pandemic!
Please feel free to share this message, for anyone out there, who might not be living their lives in full, waiting for it to pass...they need to know that is possible to be healed during these times!... Thank you for your healing, thank you for your kindness and patience!
All the best,
Ana (Mid-Wales)

Jan 2021
I’d like to thank you for your diagnosis of my life-impacting condition as it’s made a huge difference to my day to day life and can’t recommend you enough. I’m so glad I saw your advert and approached you as you really have changed my life.
Hopefully, I won’t need to see you again but if I have further issues you will be the first person I pick the phone up to call.
Many many kind regards

Jan 2021
I met with Samy virtually after a long 18 months of mis-diagnosis from the NHS and had reached a point where they were unable to help further, Samy in 1 session correctly diagnosed my dizziness and in fact flipped everything on its head, meaning I was now doing the right things. He continued to support through 6 sessions. I now live pretty much dizzy free but, know how to manage it, I have my life and self-confidence back
Steve, Exeter Devon.

Jan 2021
Hello Samy I would like to say a big Thank you for the help you have given me in massively improving my ability to balance. It has been a number of years that I have had this problem with visits to the GP and specialists with no results. I finally found you so it is worth persisting even when I thought I would just have to live with it. I have followed the exercises religiously for 12 weeks and am much improved.I also know now what I need to do should my balance deteriorate once again. I was pleasantly surprised that the consultations could be done remotely as physical tests could be done via Zoom and exercises sent by email. No travelling and social distancing ! Ideal. Thank you for your help once again, Samy
Phyllis (Shropshire)

Jan 2021
After suffering severe dizziness and spinning episodes for four weeks and getting nowhere with the gp I found the dizziness clinic on the Internet. I left a message and Samy was back in touch within 20 minutes and arranged an on line consultation for the next day. He assured me that he would cure it and he totally did. I was amazed at the instant diagnosis after a few minutes-- it was bppv--and the treatment that followed. All done remotely but with calm and positivity and total professionalism. After 24 hours of taking it easy with no physical exercise or quick movements, I was relieved of all symptoms. Absolutely brilliant. I cant thank Sam enough . Dont wait or suffer - just give him a ring or e mail. He will help you. Many man thanks. Anne

Jan 2021
Excellent diagnosis and role model treatment plan.
“I am writing to thank Sammy for the excellent care and treatment he offered my mother whilst in his admission. My mother was suffering from regular dizziness for the last 40 years which suddenly became very aggressive within the last 12months.
Many visits to local GPs and hospitals always ended in varying medication which in turn was having an impact on my mothers wellbeing, so I searched the WWW where I came across DizzyCareclinic.
Samy’s initial diagnosis was extremely accurate and the treatment regimen structured for 12 weeks has now allowed my mother to return to a normal life with very little returning dizzy spells since!
Samy was extremely courteous, positive, compassionate and always very professional. Treatment was held via virtual 1-2-1 appointments with a ‘medicine free -natural action plan’ issued after each session. A special thanks to Samy for taking time to methodically and accurately diagnose the migraine type which was causing the dizziness as many other doctors and consultants had simply given up or just prescribed medication. “ ****Highly Recommended 5/5 ****
Mr. Sehra (West Midlands)

Dec 2020