Diagnose the disease, detect its root cause,
discern its cure and then act appropriately. (thirukkural - 948 300 BCE)

Diagnose the disease, detect its root cause,
discern its cure and then act appropriately. (thirukkural - 948 300 BCE)


Location: Redcar Primary Care Hospital

Date: 19th October 2019

“Really good course to attend. Worth the travel from Birmingham. Samy has tremendous knowledge of the subject and has truly enhanced my skill and knowledge about vestibular condition”
D Fernades

“Very useful day. Good refresher for BPPV. First time I had learnt about vestibular rehab”
Dr. V Marrison

“Very informative. Even though a lot of it was revision, it was delivered in a more engaging manner than the course I attended before. I have learned a lot and I am very glad I attended prior to level 2”
L Egan

“Very good subject matter well explained”.
M Griffits

“Excellent day. Samy very knowledgeable and confident in subject”.
K Hodgson

“Very informative workshop. I have come away with many more treatment options”
R Tindall

“Good. Well structured. Pitched at a right level for experienced professionals”.
E Taylor

“Good organisation. Informal and able to ask questions”.
A. Roberts-Garland

“Excellent content and structure. Very relevant to the working practice and promotes confidence in assessing and treating”. B Marwood

“Very enjoyable. Learnt a great deal”.
Deborah Allison

“Excellent content of information and nice mix/balance of practical and theory to prevent overload of information”
A. Owen

“Lots to take in, will go away and process. Would be helpful if could email any further question for clarification”
S. Chatting

One-Day VRT Course feedback

Oct 2019

Location: DizzyCare Clinic Ltd, Codsall, Wolverhampton

Date: 14th & 15th September 2019

“Much increased my knowledge and confidence around the Ax and Rx of vestibular problems. Good supportive opportunity to practice techniques”.
D Kay

'Detailed and structured information with ample time to reinforce theory with practical”
P Holbrook

“Opportunity to build on vestibular assessment and treatment skills. Small group size and approachable tutor enable ability to ask or practice queries/ Problems”
C Bryan

“I thoroughly enjoyed this course. The tutor ‘Samy’ is very approachable. The topic is explained well. The practical sessions are relaxed and informative.”
S Partridge

“In depth assessment and treatment and related well to physiology. The 2 day course, after this I feel able to assist other members of my team to understand this area myself”.
K McCoy

“ In depth, practical and feel I can apply assessment and treatment techniques immediately. Clear & concise. The sum up at the beginning of day 2 was was an excellent recap.
J Murphy

“Well presented, easy to understand. Practical based. No hesitating in explaining again. Really liked the course”.
S Nashipudi

“Excellent 2-day VRT course that has enhanced my knowledge and skills. Tutor makes complex topic easier to understand both theory and practical aspects. Very enjoyable course. Would highly recommend”.
K Mitchell

Two-Day VRT Course

Oct 2019
Hi Samy I want to extend huge thanks for a brilliant and informative study day and taking the time to tailor the VRT course to our specific needs as community generalist physiotherapists. The clinical references to falls, neuro, and stroke have helped embed knowledge of vestibular assessment and rehabilitation into common clinical scenarios. Your relaxed and flexible presentation style allowed all participants to ask questions as we went along and allowed time for repetition of more complex points. The practical session explored assessment for people with a variety of mobility (or lack of) and helped myth bust concerns regarding VBI. A superb day and very much recommended. V F, Cornwall In-House Course organizer
V F, Cornwall

Jul 2019
I have enjoyed this workshop today. Very informative with complete handouts given to me in advance so I have had time to read about it prior to the workshop. Small group with very good facilities.
S L (1/6/19, Wolverhampton)

Jun 2019
Very useful, a good level of theory & can apply directly into practice.
E H (1/6/19 Wolverhampton)

Jun 2019
Relaxed workshop with useful assessment tests to decipher between central and peripheral disorders. Good Balance of theory, practical and video clips. More clarity on the different semi-circular canals involvement
S P (1/6/19, Wolverhampton)

Jun 2019
I thoroughly enjoyed the course, the content and info was very well presented, you engaged all participants in an interactive manner. It was a workshop well worth attending, it met my expectations although I have a few more questions for you for another day. Just questions that I thought about after leaving the workshop. I learned a lot about vestibular and balance disorders and hopefully, I will confidently and effectively be able to manage any patients with these problems.
KR (One-Day VRT Course,May 2019)

May 2019
In-House Training - One Day Workshop on Introduction to Vestibular Rehabilitation Organized by Leominster Community Hospital Date 17/11/18 Feedback by the organizer We recently organized a Vestibular Rehabilitation course through Samy for a number of our staff members. Samy provided excellent days tuition on the subject, giving a brilliant overview of a complex subject. The course consisted of a good balance of theory and practical cementing candidates learning. Useful handouts were given to accompany the course content. Samy was very flexible with dates he could run the course on especially given it was organized with quite short notice. A mixture of OT’s and PT’s attended the course and the content was altered to make it accessible to both professions. I would highly recommend booking Samy or attending any of his teaching sessions. With Thanks for a great day. l
Senior Therapist

Nov 2018
Course title: Vestibular Rehabilitation for Older People with Vertigo, Dizziness & Unsteadiness
Location: Royal Chelsea Hospital
Date: 24th March 2018
Total number of participants: 13
Feedback: Excellent 7/13,
Very Good 5/13,
Good 1/13
Summary • Excellent 1-day course. Very practical, Good explanations and Good videos
• Fantastic overview! So much more to learn!!. Adapted to individuals in the course. Lots of practical. 2 days would help to consolidate as there is a lot of information
• Very interesting and will be easy to add aspects of this into the assessment
• Well structured. Good visuals & practical combination. Well taught with practical & theory
• Good pre-reading material. Excellent presentation. Good practical demonstration
• Very good session. Well prepared lecturer, very knowledgeable and well-skilled lecturer
• Really enjoyed it, lots of information in one day but found it useful.
• Workshop very useful. Sometimes found info complex due to dyslexia, brief tables, bullet point summary would be useful. Practical was very useful Samy was very knowledgeable
• Very useful, would definitely use the strategies and treatment techniques discussed today
• I learned a lot and thoroughly enjoyed the day. Answered all questions, which really helped to understand. Tutor’s explanation of the theory was very educational and made me really think
• Very well thought-out course. Pitched at our group and the needs we had. Open discussions and questions are encouraged
• Good small group. Good interaction. I would have liked more discussion time at the end and to discuss treatment of other vestibular conditions
• For those not familiar with the topic the pre-reading was very useful. Explanation on the modification for elderly patients was helpful. Use of videos with explanation and doing this repeatedly reinforced what we learn

24th March 2018

Mar 2018
Many thanks, its a lot clear now, this subject has confused me for years. I will feel more confident to incorporate this into my practice now.
Jill W (March 2018)

Mar 2018