Diagnose the disease, detect its root cause,
discern its cure and then act appropriately. (thirukkural - 948 300 BCE)

Diagnose the disease, detect its root cause,
discern its cure and then act appropriately. (thirukkural - 948 300 BCE)



DizzyCare Clinic is a private vestibular physiotherapy clinic, established in 2012, to offer high-quality evidence-based vestibular physiotherapy.

DizzyCare Clinic is one of a very few clinics in the UK which exclusively offers specialist vestibular physiotherapy for patients with vestibular disorders.

DizzyCare Clinic aims to offer the first appointment within 48 hours after the initial request was made for an appointment

Our highly specialized vestibular physiotherapist will carry out a thorough assessment and will provide customized vestibular rehabilitation for patients with vertigo, dizziness, unsteadiness, and fear of falling caused by vestibular disorders.

We have a high success rate in diagnosis and treatment of BPPV, peripheral vestibular hypofunction, vestibular migraine and falls prevention etc. We are humbled to say that patients come to our DizzyCare Clinic from hundreds of miles away.

Samy Selvanayagam

HCPC Registered Physiotherapist

Reg No PH70083

Consultant in Vestibular Physiotherapy

Director- DizzyCare Clinic Ltd

Our Vestibular Rehabilitation Specialist

Samy has more than 20 years of experience in physiotherapy out of which more than 12 years he has been specialising in vestibular rehabilitation

Samy successfully completed Prof. Susan Herdman’s Vestibular Rehabilitation course and gained competency certification in 2009.

Professional memberships

Health Care Professionals Council (HCPC)
Chartered Society of Physiotherapist (CSP)
Association of Chartered Physiotherapists Interest in Vestibular Rehabilitation (ACPIVR)
British Geriatric Society
Research & awards

Robert Williams International award by CSP for a research poster presented at World Confederation of Physiotherapy (WCPT) Congress at Amsterdam in June 2011.

Other employments

Samy works as a Senior Physiotherapist in the Royal Wolverhampton NHS Hospital Trust, Wolverhampton, West Midlands since 2006.

About us

Do you suffer from Vertigo, Dizziness or Unsteadiness?

Have you lost hope of getting better because you have been told or convinced yourself that:
It is all in the mind
To learn to live with it
Dizziness is due to aging.

Don't Despair

At DizzyCare Clinic we will try our best to help you to get rid of your dizziness and improve your balance so that you can do the things that you always enjoyed doing without fear/anxiety of getting attacks of dizziness.

Our Treatments

Vestibular Facts!

Vestibular dizziness affects 1/3 of adults aged 40 years and older, according to a US study.

Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV), Labyrinthitis, Vestibular Neuritis, Vestibular migraine and vestibular hypofunction due to aging are the most common types of vestibular disorders.

Vestibular medications such as betahistine, prochlorperazine, and stemetil etc. are frequently used for vertigo and dizziness; these medications are helpful for a short term during acute attacks. Taking these drugs long-term can impede natural recovery and could even cause untoward side effects such as Parkinsonism.

Vestibular rehabilitation is an evidence-based approach to the assessment and treatment of vestibular disorders. Certain vestibular conditions such as BPPV can even be diagnosed and cured within one or two sessions. But, according to a UK based study, people are waiting on average 92 weeks (14-202 weeks) for the correct diagnosis and successful treatment in the NHS.

Customised vestibular rehabilitation under the supervision of vestibular specialist is superior to conventional approaches such as watchful waiting, vestibular medications, generic exercises and self-treatments using internet materials and Youtube instructions


Vertigo, Dizziness & Unsteadiness
Vestibular Neuritis
Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV)
Vestibular Migraine (aka migraine associated dizziness)
Motion hypersensitivity
Cervicogenic Dizziness
Multisensory Dizziness
Acoustic neuroma
Dizziness due to Stroke, Multiple Sclerosis & Parkinson’s Disease. Etc
Dizziness due to concussion /head injuries
Ototoxicity (unsteadiness due to antibiotics or chemotherapy)
Age-related balance problems
Meniere’s Disease
Visual Vertigo
Visual dependency
Poor sensory integration
Risk of falling
Mal De Debarquement Syndrome (MDDS)

Tests & Treatments offered at the DizzyCare Clinic

Conditions Tests Treatments
BPPV Dix-Hallpike
Side lying test
Roll test
BBQ 270°, BBQ 360°
Yacovino (Deep head hanging manoeuvre)
Vestibular hypofunction (vestibular neuritis,
acoustic neuroma, etc)
VOR Gaze stability test
Balance and
Postural Stability tests
VOR gaze stability exercises
Postural stability exercises
Gait re-training
Static and dynamic balance retraining
Multisensory disequilibrium of aging Multifactorial balance assessment Falls risk identification ,
falls prevention strategies
Strengthening exercises
Static and dynamic balance exercises
Gait re-education
Balance- confidence building exercises
Vestibular Migraine ICHD-3 (A1.6.6 Vestibular migraine) Customised vestibular rehabilitation
Food and Life style advice
Visual Vertigo Situational Characteristics Questionnaire Virtual reality exercises
Motion Hypersensitivity Motion Sensitivity Quotient Habituation exercises


Referral to the DizzyCare Clinic

We accept self-referrals from patients and family, GP referral, consultant referral and referrals from Insurance companies, solicitors, and case managers

What to expect when you are at the DizzyCare Clinic?

First, we will conduct a thorough assessment through detailed history taking, physical examination & special tests to find out the underlying cause/causes of your dizziness, unsteadiness, and vertigo

Once the underlying cause of dizziness is established, we will choose the right type of treatments to address your dizziness, unsteadiness, and risk of falling.

Home exercises will be prescribed where necessary and regular reviews will be offered as required

We are only a Skype away!

Some people can sort out their vertigo/dizziness with the help of Drs GOOGLE and YouTube. Sometimes these tools can be helpful especially when one has to wait for weeks and months to see a specialist in a state-run hospital. Unfortunately, DIY success rate is very low for self-diagnosis and self-treatment of vestibular disorders; if DIY hasn't helped you, we will be happy to help you out.

"Distance doesn't matter any more"
"Dont have to worry about driving to the clinic when you are dizzy"
"Don’t have to wait for a lift to attend the appointment"
We offer consultations via Skype, Facetime, WhatsApp and phone.


Samy, I owe you a huge thank you for the treatment I received at your clinic for my balance and dizziness which had been ongoing on and off for over 8 years. After only 3 sessions with you, the improvement has been more than I could have hoped for and I would not hesitate to recommend your clinic. So once again thank you.
E Turner

Jun 2019
Dear Samy Following my sessions at the clinic and discharge yesterday, please accept my sincere thanks for your kindness and patience with my treatment. I have seen my symptoms improve a great deal since I first visited you in April and intend to follow your advice and keep up the exercises! With kind regards and best wishes

Jun 2019
Dear Samy, My balance problems had resulted in falls and a fractured wrist, so I was, therefore, afraid to go out without having someone to hold on to, and also afraid to drive. At our first meeting you identified my problem, and, over the following weeks gave me a programme of exercises which have helped me regain confidence, and I have resumed ordinary life without the constant fear of falling. I much appreciated your calm and kind manner, and I would not hesitate in advising anyone else with balance issues to contact you. Many thanks. Yours sincerely,
Barbara Tipton Wolverhampton

Jun 2019
Dear Samy When I came to see you I had been housebound for above two years, I was not sure if you could help me. I could not drive and needed aid when going out. I was like someone drunk, dizzy and unsteady. After just coming to see you three times I have my life back for which I thank you so much. I am now walking without a stick, I am not sure about driving again at nearly 80 but a big thank you. God Bless you in your work. Love P Hayward.
Mrs. P Hayward

May 2019
Dear Samy, I have attended your clinic since January for my Labyrinthitis. I just wanted to say how wonderful the experience has been. I have not used the private sector for health problems before so I was somewhat wary of this. However, your easy, professional manner set my mind at rest. You have guided me through a series of exercises and been very patient if I had any difficulties with them. You managed to persuade me to do things which I did not think I could tackle and, best of all, you have given me my confidence back. Nothing was too much trouble for you and you explained all the steps as we went along. You discharged me when you saw the improvements and have given me sheets of exercises which will keep me in good health.I cannot recommend you too highly and I will tell anyone what an excellent consultant you are. With grateful thanks and very best wishes. Yours Sincerely.
Ralph J Smith

Apr 2019
Samy was recommended to me. I had dizziness, which originated from an ear infection. I could not drive or work. After my first visit with Samy, I could drive, after the second visit I returned to work. I was amazed by the immediate results
G Duncan, Wolverhampton

Apr 2019
I have been suffering with dizziness and balance problems since June 2018 and my GP had tried various treatments some which made me slightly better but I was still suffering with dizzy and balance problems.I was reading the Wombourne pages and came across Samy's DizzyCare Clinic advert.My experience has been that Samy offers an excellent, patient-focused service. He is very thorough, taking time not only to diagnose the problem, but also to explain it in simple terms; he uses the same methodology to explain the treatment and how it will work. I’ve been delighted with the results and will continue with the exercises samy has given me.I would highly recommend Samy Selvanayagam at the DizzyCare Clinic, and should I ever need to use him again, I would not hesitate to do so
Mrs S Bate

Apr 2019
I’ve recently used Dizzy Care Clinic as I’ve been suffering from inner ear/ balance problems. My experience has been that Samy offers an excellent, patient-focused service. He is very thorough, taking time not only to diagnose the problem, but also to explain it in layman’s terms; he uses the same methodology to explain the treatment and how it will work. I’ve been delighted, and should I ever need to use him again, I would not hesitate to do so. David Jeffries
David Jeffries

Mar 2019
I had been suffering from what I had been told was vertigo for some years which seemed to be cured by tablets.
I would have months/years free from this vertigo before it returned. I had to go back to taking tablets.
I went to see an ENT consultant regarding this problem. I had various tests and a brain scan. It was then decided that the balance of my left ear had become useless and this was causing the problem. I was advised that eventually, the balance of the other ear would rectify this.
In July of 2018, I became quite ill with a new attack of vertigo which caused sickness, generally feeling unbalanced and dizzy on and off. I resorted once more to medication.
Through a distant family member, I heard about this 'DizzyCare Clinic' at Codsall where Samy Selvanayagam practiced. I made an appointment on November 10th, 2018 to see Samy to which, my daughter accompanied me.
Samy gave me various tests to do namely
a) Standing perfectly still
b) Looking up
c) Lying on a bed on each side whilst he took videography of my eyes.
d) Complete a tick sheet of various tasks which gave you a number out of 100.
He explained that taking medication for vertigo is not advisable as it would interfere with natural recovery.
He gave me various exercises including moving head side to side and up and down while looking at an X that was attached on a wall in front.
I saw him again on December 15th but I had to resort to medication during this time just for a few days. Samy then gave me a whole list of exercises to do many of them to do with balancing & eye positions.
I had not and have not had any dizziness since doing these exercises and so when I saw him again on January 2019 he discharged me.
I am still doing these exercises daily in the hope that my vertigo has been cured

A Wolverhampton patient

Feb 2019
On 17th October 2018. I first became ill when I got a ‘head cold’ from a lady at our table on our cruise. I had to take to my bed. Running nose feeling generally ill, bad headache. Having already been suffering from Polymyalgia Rheumatica for six years I thought that this was contributing to how ill I felt. Slight nausea I attributed to the sea conditions, though Stugeron did not help.18th October, Feeling very ill indeed. Vomiting despite the ship being in port.19th October Still vomiting despite Stugeron. Still feeling “seasick” and wobbly. (Vertigo diagnosed by my wife! )23rd October Slightly better, though bad weather confuses the issue somewhat. It’s difficult to know what is causing what.24th October. Coughing and expectorating profusely. Attempted to go out of the cabin for the first time in a week but was so unsteady and ill that I had to return immediately and lie down again.25th October still feeling very ill as my wife drove us home. It felt as if the ship was still moving!. 26th October -1st November still having to stay in bed with cold symptoms, head spinning on moving chin to chest. 2nd November Not improving so went to the Dr. and saw a locum. He examined me and on discovering a slight weakness on the left side told me I should be in the hospital. He suspected a T.I.A. and immediately wrote a letter to the local hospital A&E department asking for an immediate. Head C.T. scan. We were to go straight there. On arrival we handed over the letter and then waited 2 hours to be called, seeing a triage nurse who sent us back out to wait. A further 1 1/2 hours passed and I was called to see a doctor who examined me and said they couldn’t do a scan, it had to be arranged by our doctor… we pointed out the letter. Still no scan. ( he’d checked with the consultant.) we must ring the Dr. on Monday (this was Friday) and ask him to make an appointment for an emergency scan. This we did. A week passed and I was unable to do anything much because as soon as I moved my head the room spun and I felt nauseous. I rang the doctor’s surgery and spoke to the receptionist about the lack of response regarding the ‘emergency’ scan. She put me through to the relevant department who told me that they had not received the referral. Meanwhile, my wife gave me a Mc Timoney Chiropractic treatment because I had neck pain and cranial misalignments which could be contributing to my symptoms. Things felt slightly better but I now spent most of my time sitting immobile, unable to alleviate the boredom even with reading. I thought that a polymyalgia flare was possibly in progress.
My wife found Samy’s “Dizzy Clinic” after researching vertigo and “Epley Manoeuver” on the internet and we made an appointment. Two days later I was there. On my first appointment on 19th November I was tested, diagnosed with B.P.P.V. and treated with the Epley manoeuvre I was much encouraged. Samy was knowledgeable, efficient and inspired confidence, I was extremely reluctant to allow my head to be moved around for the tests which he performed, because of the dizziness which they elicited. His professional but kindly manner reassured me. I returned to the clinic 5 days later feeling 75% better and ‘starting to come back to life’ for the first time in over a month. The dizziness was still slightly apparent but I was given exercises in balancing without the use of my eyes which would help. Over the weeks I had got used to compensating with my sight. The nystagmus in the left eye which was a sign of the presence of crystals in the semi-circular canal causing my problem had gone completely. I needed to continue with the rehabilitating exercises and these caused slight dizziness when I performed them but essentially, I was cured.
28th November. I got up from the settee and went out into the hallway. I can only guess that my foot moved within my slipper on the insole as this was crumpled up in the toe when we checked it later. I fell backward, not even having time to fling out my arms in an attempt to regain my balance. I did not bump into anything on the way down and the back of my head cracked on the floor. I am not sure but I think that I may have been knocked out. My wife was out at a lecture that evening so it took me some time to drag myself on hands and knees to the nearest telephone. I rang 999 and explained my situation. The call was received at 5 p.m. I hardly knew where I was; confused dazed and nauseous. I managed after a while to phone our neighbour who came immediately to my aid. I don’t remember most of it but I know that she sat holding my hand for the next three hours. Her husband also came in after contacting a relative to look after their children. They managed to get someone who could find my wife and she set off back for home, getting here just as the ambulance did. My neighbour rang twice to try to ascertain when the ambulance would come because she was so worried at the state in which I remained. She talked to me to keep me focussed as I held onto the table to stop me from falling off the chair. I was taken in the ambulance, vomiting all the way, to another local hospital admitted and sat in a wheelchair in a corridor for an hour or so. I saw a triage person and was then moved to an ante room with several other patients; eventually moved onto a trolley in there. I was constantly vomiting, dizzy and disoriented. My headache was awful. The noise of the other patients’ chatter was unbearable. At 3 a.m. I saw a doctor, was assessed and taken for a head C.T. ( N.A.D.) He gave me a prescription for Stemetil (which I couldn’t use because I would have to collect it from the hospital pharmacy next day. My wife eventually scanned and emailed it to my own doctor who re-prescribed it to the local pharmacy for collection). The hospital doctor’s instructions were “Take this for a month and NO Epley Manoevre.”
After another 24 hours of unbearable nausea, vomiting and dizziness my wife left an answering machine message at Samy’s clinic. This time if I moved my head at all in ANY direction the room swam uncontrollably. I felt so ill that death would have been a welcome relief. The Stemetil tablets did very little to relieve any of this. Next morning Samy responded to our message and would have seen me that same day but I felt far too ill to travel. We made an appointment for 2 days hence. On 3rd December I was again in his hands. I had nystagmus in both eyes and in every direction of the tests. When I banged my head it seems that crystals splattered into several canals. I could barely stand and had to be held upright to walk into the clinic room. My days were spent sitting in bed staring straight ahead. Turning over in bed at night elicited further agonies of spinning, nausea and vomiting. I attended every few days thereafter as Samy patiently tested, treated, re-tested, treated the next canal, and researched on my behalf. Apparently, there was no research which mentioned bilateral lateral canals affected by B.P.P.V. I an unique; A phenomenon! By 15th December the last of the canals was drained of its debris and I had further exercises to do. The nausea was gone, the dizziness minimal and on 5th January 2019, I was able to be discharged with continued exercises to improve my ability to balance correctly in a ‘centred’ body. The ‘emergency scan’ appointment arrived for 7th February. I have cancelled. To say that I regard Samy Selvanayagam as on a par at least with the angels is to diminish the depth of my gratitude to him. Bob
Bob Rudd (75), West Midlands

Jan 2019

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