Diagnose the disease, detect its root cause,
discern its cure and then act appropriately. (thirukkural - 948 300 BCE)

Diagnose the disease, detect its root cause,
discern its cure and then act appropriately. (thirukkural - 948 300 BCE)


Dizziness /Vestibular Rehab- Short Sessions (1 hour/2 hours/ evening session/half a day)

Short sessions are intended to introduce dizziness and vestibular rehabilitation for the frontline healthcare professionals who may come in contact with people with dizziness on regular basis.

This training will equip these frontline staff with a basic clinical understanding of dizziness, its various types, and presentation of common peripheral vestibular disorders such as BPPV and central disorders such as CVA.

The attendees will gain invaluable insight into this area and thereby will be able to act as a bridge between patients with dizziness and vestibular specialists.

Apart from introductory sessions, we can offer sessions on a range different topic, please refer below for the details. We can run a session as little as an hour to several hours to suit your requirements. If you want us to run a Short Session at your organization please get in touch with us.

Short Sessions

Dizziness - Introduction to dizziness and vestibular disorders
Assessment of common vestibular disorders
Treatment principles of common vestibular disorders
BPPV- assessment (Dix-Hallpike) and treatment (Epley)
Vestibular hypofunction - treatment techniques
Dizziness & Vestibular problems in older people with a risk of falls
Patients with Acute Vertigo - How to differentiate a stroke from labyrinthitis (HINTS Exam)
Triage of a dizzy patient based on the "Dizziness Questionnaire"
Vestibular Rehab- Outcome measures
Undiagnosed vestibular disorders in patients with head/brain injuries
Introduction to Vestibular Rehabilitation for Case Managers who deal with patients with head/brain injured clients
Introduction to Vestibular Rehabilitation for Emergency Department clinicians: Assessment and treatment of peripheral vestibular disorders of patients with acute vertigo

Quick Vestibular Screening techniques for GPs

One-day course/workshops on vestibular rehabilitation

The one-day introductory training is offered to healthcare professionals who are interested to have basic vestibular rehabilitation training. The topics covered are the structure and function of vestibular balance system, its common vestibular disorders, and their signs and symptoms, assessment and diagnosis of vestibular hypofunction and BPPV. Vestibular rehabilitation treatment principles for hypofunction and PBPPV will be discussed and practiced in such a way that the participants will be familiar with gaze stability and postural stability exercises for hypofunction and Epley manoeuvre for BPPV.

The course content will be delivered by the theoretical presentation, practical sessions and video analysis of eye movements. The attendees will at the end of the session have gained an essential basic insight into the common vestibular disorders, their symptoms, and assessment and treatment techniques.

We run these one-day courses both at our DizzyCare Clinic and in a London location. Details of this can be found in the "Up Coming Courses" section.

Please get in touch with us if you want to us to deliver this course for your staff at your venue.


We recognize that it is difficult to gain required knowledge and skills to be a confident vestibular specialist by just attending short sessions and one-day courses, additionally, participants do not usually get to observe assessment and treatment of real patients in these sessions.

To address this gap, each year, for a very limited number of participants (maximum 10), an enhanced vestibular course will be delivered over an extended period of time (6 months).

These courses are intended to help and empower the clinicians who are very keen on becoming a confident vestibular therapist.

First, the participants will do a Webinar /Online training course which will cover the basic vestibular sciences.

After completion of the online course, participants will attend a two-day workshop (either at the DizzyCare Clinic or at a location in London) which will cover the practical aspects of vestibular rehabilitation (assessment and treatment).

At the end, one session (half a day) of one to one clinical shadowing will be offered at the DizzyCare Clinic Ltd where the participant will be shadowing the course instructor. During the clinical shadowing, participants will have time for one to one discussion with the instructor.

For further details please contact us.